7 dream vacations…

This morning on the radio, Keri Noble of Cities 97 shared the “7 Trips Everyone Should Take.”  I completely agree with this list…and it makes me want to start planning my next adventure! So allow me to reflect…

1. The solo journey  “Taking a trip alone forces a person to put themselves first which can be challenging, scary, and incredibly freeing.”  My trips to Haiti have been life-changing.  Realizing that I am capable of traveling on my own…making decisions on my own…taking risks like riding motos and tap taps in a place far away…life-changing.  I love the idea of hopping on a flight and spending a week in another city…or renting a cabin on my own and just relax and read.  My husband cannot even fathom why anyone would want to travel alone…completely incomprehensible to him.

2. The romantic getaway
No matter how you and your partner prefer to travel, the romantic getaway is an intimate and educational experience. As you create memories with each other, you’ll also learn a LOT about each other.”  We started these trips early on, taking a little vacation away each year, even when Bree was living at home.  She stayed with grandparents or family friends and we savored a little time away to reconnect…so essential to a happy marriage…favorite destinations have been Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, NYC.

3. The spontaneous adventure
“Take advantage of the flight sale, it’s time to use your PTO, pack it up and take off. Say “Yes,” to being spontaneous you’ll have a great time.” We have done a few spontaneous adventures…selected a destination…threw an offer out to Priceline and ended up in some pretty sweet hotels.  Both trips to San Juan, Puerto Rico were risks…we had an amazing place to stay in Palm Springs…still holding out for some truly spontaneous last minute trip some weekend…

4. The BFF bonding experience
“Take that dream trip, with your favorite person(that isn’t a partner). We all enjoy the company of our best friends, but heading out of town together can be a great bonding experience.”  Traveling with girlfriends is truly sweet…and the BFFs that I travel with love to relax and eat good food and dig deep into rich conversation.  Highlight excursions include a Mediterranean cruise, Boston, Chicago, Albuqueque, Carlsbad, the North Shore…

5. The extended stay
“Traveling is always fun, but dropping the suitcase for more than the normal 10 days is a great way to explore new places. Find a website that allows you to book a stay in a home or apartment. Of course the extended stay can be more difficult to pull off, but if you can find the time to escape and explore new places.” Our cruise lasted two weeks — exploring Italy, France, Spain, Croatia…my time in Haiti was a month…hmmm where next?

6. The “I’ve always wanted to learn how to “______” trip
“Surfing, acting, anything you’ve ever thought about learning, are all things we may have on our bucket list. Take the time to schedule that trip to Hollywood for acting classes or surfing lessons in Costa Rica. You’ll not only get outside of your comfort zone, but also learn much about yourself in the process.”  I went to Horse Camp as a young girl…I go to Christian Women’s Retreats regularly to build my faith.  I think I would really love a week at a spa, where I could learn to cook healthy and be fit…

7. The trip you never thought you’d take
“Look deep into the inner workings of your brain and think about that place you have always wanted to see. We all have the trip of our dreams, that place you never really expect to see and make it happen.”  Well….the trip my husband is waiting on is Thailand…so that is the next dream spot on my list too.

Which one inspires you? What kind of trip would you like to take?

Source the Hookup…Found at:  Cities 97

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