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I used to read a lot of books.  Now I seem to read mostly blogs. In fact, I hardly find time to open a book. But that is okay.  I find that I am frequently inspired and challenged and in awe of the people that share their journeys online.  I have a list of fav blogs collected in my google reader (33 blogs to be exact!  Yikes!) and I receive an update through that app that lets me know when a new post has been added. Some I skim, and others I read and forward on to friends ‘cuz they are just that good!

So today, allow me to share a few that are causing me to stop and pray and look at their lives with awe.

Our fav waiter at Ray J’s (and the son of friends at church) is traveling the world in four months…literally traveling the world.  Check out this itinerary:

1) Costa Rica – Sept. 1-7
2) Peru – Sept. 7-14
3) Brazil – Sept. 14-19
4) South Africa – Sept. 19-26
5) Kenya – Sept. 26-30
6) Morocco – Sept. 30-Oct. 5
7) All over Europe – Oct. 5-26
8) Dubai – Oct. 26-31
9) India – Oct. 31-Nov. 6
10) China – Nov. 6-13
11) Japan – Nov. 13-18
12) Vietnam – Nov. 18-20
13) Cambodia – Nov. 20-23
14) Thailand – Nov. 23-29
15) Singapore – Nov. 29-Dec. 3
16) Australia – Dec. 3-10
17) New Zealand – Dec. 10-18

His adventure is one I envy, and yet as a mother, I feel the ache she must feel as she worries about her son’s safety and misses seeing his sweet face for such a long time.  So join me in following his journey…and throw a few prayers his way (and his mama’s way as well) for safety.  Check him out at Bradle•Pictures and Stories from Around the World.

Two additional blogs that have just been started recently are family friends that have begun the adoption process for these two sweet friends of mine in Haiti…Stanley and Davinlsy…

Please follow along as these families begin the emotional adventure of growing their families of four to become families of five…  Stanley’s story can be found at: Waiting: Four2Five! and Davinsly’s story at Pearcys.going5! Again, watch and pray and share the ups/downs of this crazy process!  Blessings to these two courageous families that are following the whispers of God.

And finally…I follow along on this Facebook page called Waiting for the Boys, as the Puckett family will be meeting their sweet boys TODAY in Haiti…and will then continue their process of waiting…for these dudes…

So I will continue to read along, sharing in these stories.  I hope you will too!

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