fall farmer’s market and menu planning

It was a perfect day to hit the St. Paul Farmer’s Market…probably one of my favorite things to do with Bob on a Saturday morn…sipping a cup of coffee, munching on an old-fashioned donut, as we browse the aisles for inspiration.

These sweet bachelor’s button flowers TOTALLY reminded me of my Grandma Agnes…this is something she would have done…bundle up little bunches from her garden and bring them over to our house in cottage cheese containers…sure wish she was still here, puttering around in her garden. (There are many things I wish I would have taken the time to learn from her…like growing flowers and sweet berries…and frying chicken and swedish meatballs…and making time for prayer and scripture reading.)

There is GREAT people watching at the Farmer’s Market…from the sellers to the entertainers…there are some super cool folks hanging out there…

There is an endless supply of colorful produce to inspire menu options and fall decor for my home…

Here is a peek at the purchases that will lead to this week’s meals and even some RASPBERRY JAM!

MENU for the WEEK…

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