In honor of the Parenthood premiere this week (have I shared how much I LOVE this show? There are touching moments and hilarious antics. They deal with the real stuff and make you wish you were a part of their fam)…

…allow me recap some of the craziness that has been done in the name of parenthood this week…

…we capture first day of school pics…

…we wake up sweet birthday boys with candle-lit treats and happy birthday tunes!

…and when things are really tough, we will do just about ANYTHING!

My dear bestie and her hubby have spent a week sleeping in a hospital room-on a fold out sofa, eating take-out, and supporting their sweet preteen boy with just about anything, as he is recovering from a four-wheeler accident last Saturday.  He has had more pokes, prodding, testing, surgery, tube in the tummy than any 6th grade dude deserves.  Just when things seem to be moving in the right direction, another twist of events sets them back, and so he remains, tubed up, lying in a hospital bed at Children’s Hospital.

So…as any good parent would do…they brought in the family dog…

…just a little taste of normalcy…a peek at being home…a cuddle with Man’s Best Friend…

…and they pray-for healing and patience and strength.

Cheers to all parents out there! May our children realize just how incredibly blessed they are…so much so, that they will return the favor when we are the ones needing a ride to the doc…or having the hairs plucked from our ears…or the crumbs brushed off our chests.

p.s.  Consider checking out the premiere of Parenthood on Tuesday eve…it is certain to bring some laughter/tears, as you view life in the Braverman family.

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