blue moon.

Last night was one of those fabulous evenings when you almost feel as if you are in the midst of a movie scene, or maybe someone else’s life.  And then you look around and see that it really is your own! And you feel abundantly blessed.

After work yesterday, seven of us gals piled into a minivan, with our coolers and beach bags and headed up to White Bear Lake…to share in some fun with a friend of a friend.  This great lady led us in a yoga session overlooking the lake, as the sun was beginning to set, where we attempted tree poses and chaturangas. (Again, cue the director…this was like something on a movie set!) Once we were stretched and refreshed, we gathered our bags and hopped aboard her boat.  We cruised around the lake, sharing stories and imagining the lives behind the beautiful homes, as we munched on fruit, veggies, crackers, cheese and some fabulous garlic parmesan dip from Kowalski’s.

It was an extra special night…the night before the Blue Moon.  Who knew?  Our host/yoga instructor/boat driver and dancer, shared the fact that the Blue Moon comes rarely (apparently we get a full moon every twenty nine and a half days or something…so when we get a second full moon in a month it is called a Blue Moon.) The last one came in March of 2010…one will arrive tonight..and the next one won’t happen until July 2015. Interesting little fact, huh?

So, I am not sure if the next chain of events happened because of the full moon…or the spontaneity of the night…or just the craziness of a bunch of suburban moms holding on to our youth…but a little “late night-in the dark-skinny dipping” occurred.  There were enough giggles and shrieks of joy that could last until the next Blue Moon.  As we gathered back in the boat, this group of classy, smart, professional women wrapped up in towels, were heard saying things like… “Where are my pants?”  “I think your dress is stuck to my zipper.” “I am doing a little cat’s in the cradle trying to get this bathing suit back on.” “These M&Ms totally compliment the white zin.” The 70’s and 80’s music was playing from the boat stereo, as we floated along and danced beneath the moonlight.

It was a banner day!

Say hello to the Blue Moon tonight…and dare to be a bit spontaneous!  🙂

6 thoughts on “blue moon.

  1. It’s nice that even with all that we’re still described as “classy, smart, professional women”! Spontaneity is definitely a good thing for creating a banner day!

  2. You wild and crazy girl 😉 Glad you had fun….no idea where you got the energy this week after work. Keep up the good times…they are what matter!

  3. OH MY! What a WONDERFUL synopsis! Your rock dear friend! So much fun and YES the smiles will DEFINITELY last until the next blue moon! THANK YOU for sharing your gifts with me. Your time, your laughs, your writing. It is all so very good!

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