kozefò 5k by the numbers

Wow. How do I begin to describe the incredible Kozefò 5K event that we held this weekend…the weather was beautiful…the volunteers were amazing…and the support from family and friends was overwhelming!

Allow me to sum it up in numbers…and with some pics of the day…

total runners/walkers:  130

total volunteers (a little overlap, as some volunteers also ran or walked): 42

total jewelry sales for the artisans of The Apparent Project: $1800

total profit to Kozefò: $3300

Such a fabulous event…thanks a million to all of you who supported through volunteering, running/walking and giving through donations.  There will be sweet little kiddos in Port au Prince, Haiti that will benefit from your efforts!

7 thoughts on “kozefò 5k by the numbers

  1. Wow, what a success! So sad I missed it, but loved seeing all the photos and celebrating the numbers sitting here in front of my computer! 🙂 Thanks for your leadership and hard work in organizing such a fantastic event. You certainly do make a difference in so many lives.

  2. Sara, I feel honored to have been part of this AWESOME event. Thanks for all of your hard and very generous work. It was a great day!! P.S. LOVE my new necklace/lanyard!

    • This event was so amazing! You were incredibly organized and passionate about the cause! You let everyone shine using their best gifts & gave all the glory to God! It was an honor to work wtih you and help those sweet kiddos in Haiti! thank you for your love and heart for Haiti! You inspire me to follow God’s lead! Love ya!

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