sleeping arrangements.

I need my sleep. Eight hours are a necessity. Nine hours are preferred. Ten hours are optimal. When I do not get enough sleep, the crabbies roll in, usually accompanied with a headache and a bit of apathy. So I have read numerous articles about the benefits of sleep and how to achieve sleeping greatness. Seriously, just google “sleep” and you will be amazed by the number of items available!

My personal sleep issues revolve around a few concerns..first off, I have a mind that tends to race once I am lying down in a dark space…thinking of all the items on my to-do list and over analyzing just about everything (this occurs occasionally when I am standing and in daylight as well, but it somehow seems to intensify at night.) The other two issues require compromise. I prefer to crawl in bed at night and read until I am so tired that my mind cannot race, but my husband needs complete darkness to sleep. And the second issue is his desire to have fans in the bedroom. Yes, please note the plural. A ceiling fan is just not enough, he also has a small fan perched on a shelf just 7 inches from his face. (Hence the compromise, I crawl in bed earlier to start my reading, and have switched to reading on the illuminated iPad, so that all lights are off. He has not brought out the third oscillating fan and he keeps his “face fan” tilted down and on low.)

In chatting with friends recently, I discovered we ALL had our own variation of mastering the art of sleeping with a spouse. Consider the various issues up for debate: bedtimes, blankets, pajamas, lighting, temperature, mattress firmness, cuddling/spooning, music/sound machine/tv or not, snacks allowed in bed or not? Add kids to the mix and you have even more variables!

So, the next time you are at a dinner party (do people still have dinner parties?)…scratch that…the next time you are out with friends, or gathered around eating take-out with your favorite people, and find a lull in the conversation, just start asking about their sleeping arrangements! I think you may be surprised about the impassioned responses you receive.

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