sweet getaway.

Sharing a few days away from the routine of life is such a necessity for me to keep things in perspective…to simply disconnect from responsibilities and expectations is needed for me to maintain a little sanity. And sharing that time away with a couple of my best pals is a bonus! The 6 hours prior to my escape was a frantic attempt to complete a couple of projects, so by the time I was sitting with a view of the lake, a drink in my hand, and a game of cribbage in front of me, I was feeling like a new woman!
(Our other foodie friend is currently lounging on a Hawaiian beach, so I had the privilege to menu plan the 2 days away. So the pics/recipes that I have been collecting on Pinterest were actually created!)

Here is our menu  for those of you looking for delish food ideas..

So “cabin time” can be checked off the bucket list…and another spontaneous stop can be included as well, since we made a pitstop at the Franconia Sculpture Park…”the epicenter of the sculpture world,” according to the artist we spoke to on the front porch of the home that houses 22 resident artists. (The pic above is a view of the inspiration images in the restroom and the pic below shows us enjoying an interactive sculpture!) It is good to be open to those random destinations on this journey of life!
Here’s to rest and relaxation…and a little spontaneity!

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