summer theatre

I had placed “attending an outdoor concert” on my summer bucket list, but happily substituted it tonight for a little outdoor theatre. We received a last minute invitation to see Chi Chi (one of our teenage refugee friends) perform in “Twist of Fate” at Villa Park in Roseville.

As with many of our adventures, we never really know what to expect until we arrive.  We often go in with a wide open mind to what we may experience…and typically walk away with a full heart. This was no exception…our hearts were filled, watching these young teens perform.

TWIST OF FATE Brings Two Worlds, Two Diverse Cultures together, telling a tale of these groups (Americans and Karen refugees) lost in a foreign wilderness.” Such fun to watch! They will be performing August 2-12 at the Mixed Blood Theatre during the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

There were bits of humor, as they shared the crazy ways we try to communicate with someone that does not speak our language…SLOW and LOUD.  Really?  Volume has NOTHING to do with understanding. They touched on skills and gifts that we can share with one another…they highlighted the hopes and dreams that refugees may have. And it was all done by teenagers, giving their time and talents to share this story.

Check out the scenes from this sweet outdoor venue:

So, let me challenge you dear readers, to open your lives to new experiences…to take a little step outside of your cozy comfort zone and watch the blessings unfold.

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