bucket list update.

As a child, my family typically chose to travel for a family vacation during the lazy days of summer. However, as an adult, I find that I am most needing a break from the Minnesota chills at spring break. So when summer rolls around, I am happy to be here…checking items off of my bucket list and savoring some tried and true Minnesota favs.  As August looms ahead of us, it is not too late to add an outing on your “to-do” list.

Allow me to highlight a few moments of my summer fun…click on the words in orange to lead you to links with more info…

Wandering through Como Zoo

Cabin Fun and Tubing

Cheering on the Minnesota Twins

Enjoying treats…Nelson’s Ice Cream or simply popsicles from a box

Al Fresco dining in St. Paul (at W.A. Frost) and walking along the Mississippi River

taking advantage of Groupon / Living Social for hotel deals…Hotel 340

Sampling tacos at noon from a Food Truck

Gathering produce at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market

Watching some of my fav young people in their summer sports

And so much more…I am thinking about lounging in front of the TV for the Olympic Opening Ceremony tonight!

So soak up your summer…and please leave me a comment about some of your favorite summer outings!

One thought on “bucket list update.

  1. I love to go camping with my best buddy. Sleeping with canvas overhead, foam underneath, screens around, and Jeff by my side is the best sleep EVER! Hiking & biking, looking up at the stars and being awe struck by God’s majesty and magnitude, eating simple meals cooked over the fire and playing cards by lantern light – all together are invigorating and relaxing at the same time.

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