parenting lessons.

Our daughter is nearly 20 years old and has been living back home for the summer…what a blessing! Having another “adult” in the house has been a gift.  There have been family dinners and double dates, road trips and errand runs. Conversations range from reality tv to real-life issues.  She is confident, reflective and can be a real “perspective-setter” for me. I find that I am learning from her, and I am so proud of the incredible young lady she is becoming.

And yet, my role as a mother continues. She still needs advice and the occasional nudge to rethink her choices or attitude.  I find that she still seeks my approval and support in her life.

That was evident tonight.

As I was out with friends, she was at home preparing dinner. The table was set, beverages poured, and she was seated at the table (quite proudly) when I arrived home…to find margherita pizza…created with cherry tomatoes…and fresh basil...nope fresh tomato plant leaves!  She had gone out on the deck, cut off a few vines,  chopped up her “basil” leaves and tossed them on her pizza.  Oops!

Yep, my parenting skills are still needed.  I must teach her how to identify fresh herbs.

And so much more. A mother’s job is never done.

Anything else that I am forgetting?  Anything that you wish your mama would have taught you?

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