fully living.

Living fully, means to be completely present in each moment and being totally open to the emotions that join those moments.  So often, we (myself included!) get coasting along on “status quo” and forget to linger in the little bits of life that make if feel so full.  And truly….it IS the little bits that are the ones to savor. The emotions felt are real and raw…tears come easily for me, as well as tough questions and challenging conversations.

Allow me to process some of my little bits from the weekend…sure wish I had more pics, but sometimes, I fall so deeply into the moment and I do not pause to grab a camera.

Here are a couple moments when I WISHED I had snapped a photo…playing partner cribbage with Bree and her sweet boyfriend Kyle on the deck…lake baptisms of a couple adorable boys that I care about (Yea Will and Alex!)…sharing tales of parenting teens while watching a baseball game on a beautiful summer night….and oh so many more…

Here are just a few images that have recently captured my heart…

…savoring my mom’s brown sugar/cinnamon pancakes on the front porch…as well as the peaceful views and relaxed paced of life!

…observing my husband in his “happy place.” He is like a little boy, thrilled to stand on the end of a dock or off the front of a pontoon with a fishing pole in his hands for hours. Pure joy for him!

…riding horse and sharing great conversations with my dad.  He is such a passionate person, that gets fired up about all that he does, from coaching, to working, to riding, to fishing…he tells stories and listens as I share  mine.  For this I am so very grateful.

…loving my new little rhino, carved of soapstone from Africa.   I shed tears of adoration and respect for the incredible Gilmore family today, as they begin preparing to return to their work as Wycliffe Bible Translators in Tanzania.

Pause and reflect and fully live…allow the emotions of moments to be completely felt. Live with no regrets.

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