I just committed to a week without complaining/whining with a group of women that I am doing a book study with back home.  So please note that this entry is not meant to be a list of complaints, but rather a collection of facts.  I am trying my darndest NOT to complain.

So let me share my adventures of the past 24 hours.

I had requested one of my favorite Haitian foods last night, and our friend Nadege joined Miss Naomi in making pate.  It is a combination of chicken and vegetables, wrapped in a bread dough and then fried.  It is delicious.  It was the final meal in a day filled with VERY RICH foods…breakfast-spicy spaghetti, two tomato slices and a boiled egg; snack-an ear of corn, grilled over coals (more like field corn than sweet corn); lunch-stew with potatoes, greens and a hunk of beef.

Around midnight, I begin to feel the effects of the richness of the food.  It was dark and hot and everyone was asleep.  I snuck out to the kitchen to get some water and proceeded to barf up the contents of my day into a water pitcher.  I quickly scurried back to my shared room with Miss Naomi (who slept through it all) before needing to sit on the toilet, if you know what I mean! And then I dumped the vomit in the toilet bowl and began filling water in the tank in order to help the flushing process.  Hmmm.

I pulled a small mattress from one of the extra children’s bunks and moved to the gallery/porch to sleep outside in the fresh air.

The morning arrived and I was determined to make it to church.  I was still quite weak and a little queasy, so I suggested taking a motorcycle, rather than crowding into a hot tap tap.

We were a bit early for church, so we purchased a sprite from a street vendor and visited with others waiting for church, including the founders of Worldwide Villages (Bree’s bosses for her summer internship!)

As church began, I could feel myself getting warmer.  We stood and worshipped and I was loving it…and then I felt the need for air.  I excused myself and sat outside in the  little bit of breeze I could find.  My “friend” Tara (whom I feel like I know personally as I read her blog and facebook posts faithfully) said hello as I was making my escape.  The rest of story is a bit of a blur.  I recall going back in to let Everest know that I was not feeling well.  I told him that I felt that I may be sick and needed to leave.  We got up to go and the next thing I know I was being carried out of the church by a group of strangers…and my “friend” Tara.  What the heck!!!  Apparently I had fainted as I was leaving the church.  A  nurse was there immediately and a doctor in the service came to check on me. So…so…so embarrassing!  I drank some water, and rested and got enough strength to make it to a tap tap.  In fear that I may faint again, we did not dare try a moto!  Thankfully Everest is becoming an expert in Creole, so he negotiated a deal with the tap tap driver to let us sit in the front of the truck with him and he delivered us right to our gate.  It was our own personal “tap tap taxi” for the low price of 250 goudes (not really even sure how much that is…it feels like Monopoly money to me, so I gave him 500 goudes and in my mind I figured he now has enough to purchase Park Place…or maybe even a Railroad!)

Upon arrival home, I drank plenty of water and crawled into my bunkbed with the fan blowing on me (praise God for the generator to give us a little power this afternoon.)  During this little rest, I was awakened due to the arrival of a guest….my nephew’s birth mother Guerline had arrived.  What a special visit with her, so that I could pass on a message from JP and his parents (my sis and brother in law.)

The adventures abound in this place.  My strength has returned…and I was able to have enough energy to conduct the second of our teacher training sessions this afternoon.  More about that later!

So today I have consumed water, sprite and wheat thins.  Tonight’s sleep should be much better. 🙂

3 thoughts on “adventures.

  1. Oh my goodness! This wasn’t the kind of adventure I was expecting to read about! I’m glad you’re feeling better! I will pray for good sleep tonight!

  2. Feel better my friend… I have so been there on other missions trips that I have taken… praying that it is all behind you as you seek to do your work this week!! 🙂

  3. Oh sweet Sara – praying for health & strength! So, so happy that Guerline came – yay God! You are amazing! Cannot wait to hear all about your trip! Blessings for safe travels!

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