kids will be kids.

The greatest thing about working with kids is that no matter where I go, I find that there are similarities.  I find them to be curious, creative, imaginative, silly and playful.  They act on impulse. Their emotions are raw.  Joy is evident. I find their ability to share a beautiful thing when it occurs. Risk taking is a natural part of what they do, until they are told otherwise. When they are fascinated with something, they stick with it (even if it happens to be the silky hair of a white lady!) You gather a few boys together and there is bound to be a weapon involved…perhaps a stick or a marker or one created out of legos. They love to have their picture taken, and are thrilled when watching videos of themselves. Recess is more fun than class. Running, jumping, dancing, playing, exploring, climbing are some of their favorites.  They desire to be loved, protected, cared for and encouraged. They simply want someone to spend some time with them. And this is what I know of kids.

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