It may appear that it has all been fun and games here, but I really have gotten some work done…you must believe me.  I joined the Language Institute class last evening as their American-English speaking guest, where they asked questions and practiced speaking and listening with me. Everest and I had a skype call with the website designer in LA earlier this week, and then spent several hours yesterday editing the content.  We are hoping to launch the new site in the end of July if all goes well.  We have had countless conversations on the efforts of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations.)  In fact, we were able to join another NGO worker for dinner last night for more enlightening chatter.  She had actually been interviewed on national Haitian television just yesterday to provide an update on the project she is working on at this time. How cool is that?

As with anything, there are good  NGOs and there are bad NGOs…we are hoping that our programs and the concept of what we intend in the development of Kozefó is one that is honoring of the people of Haiti.  We desire to work with the people…to build the capacity of locals working and teaching here…to increase conversations amongst teaching colleagues so that they learn from one another…to walk alongside, rather than to come in and tell them how it must be done.

On a side note…a couple of nights ago, I had the opportunity to use skype to connect my nephew JP  (who had spent his first 12 years here, in this home) with our nurse Miss Naomi, who had cared for him in those early years.  They chatted in Creole and laughed and recalled shared memories.  It brought quite a bit of joy to ALL of us.

2 thoughts on “working.

  1. I love it that JP and Miss Naomi could chat!! What a great thing for both of them! Brought tears to my eyes when I saw her big smile!

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