The primary 2 classroom got a sneak peek of the books. And they loved them! Most of the 230 books are pairs…perfect for partner reading! The idea would be to read together to build decoding, word  id and fluency skills… and then talk about the story to expand their vocabulary and comprehension.  The students jumped right in!

The teachers are still learning.  When I handed the books to one of our teachers and encouraged her to use them, she was unsure what to do with them.  The directions seemed clear to me, as I suggested the partner reading with the option of reading together or turn-taking reading.  She began with the task, and then often stopped partners that were reading in unison and made them read one at a time.  In my view, the kids were all engaged and making connections from the text to the pictures.

Then she stopped them.  She asked one partner group to stand and read the pages of their book, alternating one at a time. And so the engagement ended. The other children did not have copies to follow along on.  There was no context for the read aloud. The children became bored and inattentive.  They were asked to close their books and listen.

We still have some work to do.  Teacher training begins on Friday morning. I am looking forward to the conversations….and praying that there is open mindedness to the possibilities of expanding their practices.

5 thoughts on “books.

  1. Love the photos of the kids reading! It’s crazy to imagine a teacher who doesn’t know what to do with a classroom full of books – she obviously hasn’t had to deal with that before… we certainly take for granted what we have in our classrooms. The teacher training will be fantastic, I know!

  2. Oh Sara – I LOVE reading your blogs and am so overcome with awe of all you are doing for the sweet children in Haiti! Helping the teachers is an amazing gift that will spread so much good! I was talking with your sister just the other day and she spoke with such joy, love and gratitude for all that you are doing – it was beautiful! You are in my prayers! 🙂

  3. I remember what a “brain shift” was for a lot of teachers around her when we asked them to get rid of their “round robin” ways… I’ll be prayin’ for ‘ya! I’m certain you will do just fine…. blessings to you!

    • Holy typos batman… let me digress… I remember what a “brain shift” it was for a lot of teachers around here when we asked them to get rid of their “round robin” and “popcorn” was… but what a benefit for our students it has become! I’ll be praying for ‘ya! I’m certain you will do just fine… blessing to you! (btw – great to see all those lovely books in the hands of children!)…. (that was much better – lol)

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