another world.

In my normal day to day living, I am a rule follower and cautious; I am busy.

In Haiti, I have become a bit of a risk taker (even broke a law today) and I am laid back with time on my hands.

It is a crazy reality the way my two lives look a bit different, neither better than the other…just vastly different.

Today, as I was cruising through Port au Prince squished into a Tap-Tap, with the sweat dripping from the back of my knees…and then later on the back of a motorcycle that was cruising in and out of traffic, to the right and left and in between vehicles, through crusty potholes filled with water…I took a look at myself and thought – Who am I? Is this my life? And yet, there was no place I would rather be in that moment.  I was living as a local.  A big van rolled by with a group of other Americans on their way back from the Apparent Project as well, and I was so thrilled to be the one on the moto and not in an air conditioned van. The law breaking moment came when the police waved us to the side of the road because their rules indicate just on person per moto…and we were riding double. The officer was kind enough to let us travel on, as soon I hopped on the back of another driver’s moto.

My laid-back afternoons consist of lunch, napping, activities with the boys and reading…such a nice pace in comparison to the busy days during my school year.

And the evening excursions the last two nights have been to walk down to the main road, where the street vendors are selling their products, to purchase a smoothie…the equivalent of an Orange Julius…sold from a sweet man named Eddie at his card table with a blender, a bucket of fruit, some vanilla, sugar,  a can of milk and ice…so delicious. Finished with a walk in the dark, through the night, amidst the Creole speaking folks.

And I think…yes, this is my life.

One thought on “another world.

  1. Your post of your day brought peace and a grateful heart to the end of a crazy day of mine. Marc’s reaction to your day was, “She’s living the dream! GO SARA!” We think of you often and are so grateful you are there doing what God has planned for you to do! 🙂

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