field trip.

We took the boys on a field trip today that makes my hike in Puerto Rico look like a walk in a park!

We hiked up the hillside behind the orphanage today and explored the area, in a way that little boys love…

  • ELEMENT OF SURPRISE/ANTICIPATION-we headed out for an adventure, with an open mind and a vague plan-ready for anything
  • DANGER -trucks and motorcycles traveling along the roads-so we would stand at the side of the road single file as they drove by  🙂
  • WILDLIFE-dogs, pigs, cows…an extensive ant colony that was overtaking a tree
  • NATURE-we walked under enormous Mapou Trees, collected Mangoes, jumped over fresh water springs, climbed hills and hiked through a rocky ravine
  • IMAGINATION-there were sticks gathered and carried and stuffed down the back of their shirts as though they were carrying their “weapons”
  • ADVENTURE and HISTORY- as our “Tour Guide Feliz” (pronounced like Feliz Navidad) whom we discovered in the Mango Forest, led us up a hillside, through a cemetery and out to a spectacular view of Port au Prince
  • SNACKS-bottles of water from a boutique in the back of a truck, and fresh mangoes that dripped down their faces as they ate and walked

What more could we have asked for?

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