the pictures say it all.

I have been up for nearly 19 hours…and I am ready to head to bed, but thought I would throw some pics from my first night on here. I arrived in Haiti in the rain…so the evening air is cool tonight and the city has granted power to the people.  Hallelujah for a bit of electricity!

Highlights of the night included the hugs and hang out time with the boys, (they loved getting pics of themselves from my last trip) a bowl of plantain porridge, running around in the yard with the new kickball, good conversation with Everest, and the everyday silliness of the boys. The cuddle factor has certainly increased since that first visit a year ago…they are a sweet little family here and it felt great to be welcomed back in.  Ecclesiastes’ first question to me was “Bree?” meaning he was wishing she had come along.  Next time.  🙂