Back at Gate 25

Several months ago, on my last trip to Haiti, I was reminded to focus on the moment and savor the simple things in life without looking too far ahead of myself…to simply look for gate 25.

And now today, I am back at Gate 25! Such a great reminder! I made the first jaunt of my journey to Miami, grabbed a coffee and a yogurt parfait, practiced my minimal Creole with a darling elderly Haitian woman seated next to me, boarded the plane and then we sat….for quite awhile. Eventually the Captain came on to inform us that engine #2 would not start. Hmmmm. So we sat awhile longer as they summoned mechanics to survey the situation…and then we deplaned…back to Gate 25.

So, here I am, texting and blogging and so very thankful for the luxuries of 3G service and iPads and iPhones and music on my iPod…as I wait to travel to a country where there are countless families without homes…without free education…with intermittent electricity…and weekly income that is probs less than what I just spent at Starbucks. Something about all of this makes me a bit crazy.

So I will sit here at Gate 25 (I still find it quite amusing that it is the same gate!) and savor the blessings in my life and the opportunity I have to enjoy the pace and joy of my Haitian friends.

One thought on “Back at Gate 25

  1. Love that you were at Gate 25! Thinking about you as you travel and spend time with those precious kiddos in Haiti. Enjoy every minute, every hug, every smile.

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