Making the most of life is really all about attitude.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning with a killer headache. Ugh.  It is day one of my summer vacation. (In fact, I am back at work tomorrow for training…but today is a vacation day.) I had planned to sleep in. And a headache?  Really?

So I popped a couple of excedrine, put my gel eye-pack on and crawled back in bed.  Twenty minutes later…(thank God for excedrine!)…the throbbing in my head was gone. So I grabbed my iPad and got caught up on email, read my favorite blogs, pinned a few pics on pinterest and changed my attitude!

Seriously…I do not want to be the whiner, complainer, wisher of better things.  I want to live in the moment and savor the goodness of the life I have.  Certainly, I long for things….to work less, to travel more, to lose a few pounds, to have a few more dollars in my savings account, to find stylish/comfy shoes, to have time to sit on my sister’s patio and drink wine…but we all have longings…

So I desire to embrace the day…to be grateful… that there is excedrine…that I have a golf date at noon with my hubbie on this day of vacation…that my adult daughter is home for the summer, sleeping in our house, eating family dinners and going for runs with her mama…that the flowers on my deck still look good (I am a little concerned how they may look when I return from 9 days in Haiti, but for today, they look pretty darn good!)…that I have a job that gives me opportunities to make a little extra cash or comp time in the summer to fund my travels…that I have family and friends that care, that ask questions and listen and make me laugh.

I will choose joy.  I will choose to be present, and not wish away today.  I will choose to acknowledge the blessings in my life. I will choose to see the happiness around me.

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