adult children.

I have always felt truly blessed as a mom…loving each stage even a bit more than the previous one.  You know the feeling…I loved that first stage of a sleepy snuggly baby…and then she grew to become an inquisitive little toddler!  We moved through many stages (even those moments that she felt were awkward ones, were still fun for me.)  Truly.

In looking back over the years, I am reflective of the good moments…and know that I have most likely repressed any of the difficult times. 🙂

Now she is an adult.  And I am still loving it!  We met for dinner tonight, after my crazy work day and the first day of her internship. We ordered spring rolls, butterflied shrimp and chicken pad thai. We talked about work and relationships and the issues in Haiti. She is confident…she has opinions.  She questions life. She lives in the moment, yet dreams about her future. She laughs and cries.  She is my daughter and she is my friend.


5 thoughts on “adult children.

  1. A mom couldn’t ask for more…nor could a daughter. ❤
    I pray that my relationships with Molly and Brenna are like this in 20 years.

  2. As much as I miss the innocence of the younger stages, I LOVE this stage too! Now I’m looking forward to someday sharing the whole pathway of stages with my adult daughter/friend when she has her own little one. I think that will be the best combination ever! Thanks for recognizing and sharing what a precious gift you and Bree have together!

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