wedding season.

June has arrived.  And wedding season is here.  Bob and I celebrate 22 years of wedded bliss today.

Young love.

And the sweetest part is that I love him even more today than I did back then….and look at how happy I was in that moment! 🙂

So for all of you young brides out there, planning and dreaming and pinning pics on pinterest boards, let me share a few random thoughts on weddings…

  • be sure to plan and communicate EVEN more about your marriage and your relationship than you do about the details of the BIG day (remember it is just one day….your marriage will last a lifetime!)
  • keep the focus on LOVE and FUN and SENTIMENT…and less on the decorations, food and wedding favors (burgers and kickball for a rehearsal dinner could be a BLAST!)
  • provide your photographer with a list of special pics you want  (I do not have a single photo of my best friend/personal attendant and me on my wedding day…soooo wish I had made a list)
  • keep the peace amongst families, but stand strong as a couple to make this day about YOU (your college buddies ought to trump your mom’s work pals on the guest list)
  • create a moment of alone time for the two of you in the midst of the big, busy day…even 10 minutes alone before pics begin will be worth it to have a private conversation with your true love
  • enlist the photography/video skills of family and friends…my college track coach’s video means more to me than the professional one…he knew my friends and made an effort to capture the random moments of things I had missed during the day (Thanks Coach Clark!)
  • be sure to have “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”…some traditions are just too fun to omit.

And just for fun…here are a few pinterest pics from a board that belongs to my favorite young lady…

2 thoughts on “wedding season.

  1. Happy Anniversary to you young love birds, and to know you shared your day with friends at bb games today, you guys are the best!! Viv

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