Tonight was my first time on a golf course in years.  There were cob webs and spider eggs hanging on my pull cart…there was a thick layer of dust on my golf bag…and my glove was a little crinkly.  But I actually survived.  My dear friends “Vanessa and Natasha” joined in the adventure on this little par 3 course.

The wind was blowing and the temps were cool enough for me to wear cuddle duds under my yoga pants.  What do golfers wear in 57 degree weather?  Yoga pants?  Probably not. I am typically only a sunny day golfer, wearing shorts, capris or a cute little skirt.  So I was a little unsure how to dress for the occasion…and being properly attired IS important to me.  (Just ask my friend Annie about my broomball attire.)

In my scurry to load the dusty, cobwebby clubs, I was  late to make the 5:53 pm tee time, but luckily the girls were waiting for me in the parking lot…and no one was on the tee box…actually no one was on the course!  It was as if we had reserved the entire nine holes.  We never saw another soul…in fact we actually golfed 11 holes, because we played holes 1, 2…then 8, 9…realized our error and went back to find hole #3.

We only lost one or two balls…we hit a few sand traps…we putted back and forth across the greens…we all tried the “big bertha” club…and we did not bother to keep score.  It was a success. I will spend the next couple of weeks finishing up my school year…and then head off to Haiti for a week.  But as soon as I return, we are planning another big adventure…hope we can get the course to ourselves again! 🙂

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