quiet, home-alone kind of night.

It is one of those rare nights again.  I flipped through magazines during my hour long pedi. I selected my own dinner…sauteed tilapia on a bed of lettuce, topped with mango salsa and cilantro!  And for dessert – two pieces of amazing dark chocolate sea salt caramels!  Yummilicious. And savored my dinner outdoors on the deck.

And then I flopped on the sofa and watched season one of Thirtysomething.  Do you remember that show?  I had watched it as a newlywed in my twenties…and am enjoying the memories as I watch it again tonight in my forties!  I happened to find this random DVD series at the Dollar Tree today for a buck!  Good times.  Hope you are all enjoying this lovely Saturday eve.

2 thoughts on “quiet, home-alone kind of night.

  1. Ahh, Thirtysomething… Sounds like a wonderful evening at your house – love the photo. I want to be in it. Hoping your hubby is doing well tonight 🙂

  2. You and I were enjoying a similar evening only mine involved a BIG bonfire after pruning dead branches during the day! Happy Mother’s Day!

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