university ave field trip.

Bob and I just returned from a full morning on University Avenue in St. Paul.

On the recommendation of a friend, we took our cars to a great local mechanic that saved us a few bucks in comparison to the chain auto shops out here in the ‘burbs.  So, as they took a look at our vehicles, we spent four hours wandering the neighborhood.

Every so often, I have these fleeting moments when I simply desire to sell all I have and move to another country…live in a little house…wear flip flops all year long, as I walk to the little school down the street to teach…buy fruits and veggies from markets in the village..spend my weekends lying in a hammock.  Life in the US often seems so complicated…so full of activity and “stuff” and keeping up with the crowds.  Today felt a little less so…we really had no where to go…and nothing that needed to be done.  So we walked…and found a fabulous little donut shop-SugaRush…and spent a couple hours just hanging out with the owners, Suzie and Keoni Nguyen (as their nephew and son slept on the sectional in their shop…they had been up ALL night making the donuts!) Then we walked a little further and ate pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw at the counter in Big Daddy’s BBQ.  And we ended the morning with a little Words With Friends competition at the local public library.

It was such a low key, relaxed day and we saved hundreds of dollars by going to this auto shop!  🙂 Bonus! Plus I got to experiment with Instagram and PicMonkey as I photographed our adventures along the way with my phone!

So, if I simply don’t show up for work one day, you may find me living and working in Haiti…or Thailand…or a tropical little remote island somewhere…in my flip flops.

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