living life half full can be hard some times.

Choosing to live with optimism and a positive attitude comes fairly easy to me about 80% of the time. It is that other 20% that really makes it tricky! I choose to believe in the best intentions of others. I choose to live with a grateful heart. I choose to be open and compassionate to those less fortunate than me. And yet, I am easily annoyed and irritated with circumstances beyond my control. I slip into the downward spiral of negativity in group settings. I face my “first world” problems with whining, when I should feel blessed that I am not faced with the real tragedies of “third world” problems.

So, on this day of celebrating another year of birthdays…and blessings beyond my imagination, I am just saying it takes some work to live with an attitude of gratitude at all times. So as I grow older…and hopefully wiser, I choose to grow more positive…to live with peace that passes all understanding..and joy that fills my soul. That is my birthday wish today!

One thought on “living life half full can be hard some times.

  1. Happy, happy birthday, Sara, love your blogs. That’s what I have to work on too. Thanks for the good words. Hope you had a great day!!!

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