window washing.

Just saw the darn cutest thing…I am wandering through this fabulous little Montessori school this morning and students are all working on their tasks, communicating with their classmates, carrying clipboards to document their findings, conferring with staff…and washing windows.  Yes…washing windows!

This little dude had his apron on, a bucket full of water and his own personal squeegee!  And a HUGE smile on his face as he was wiping and washing.  Wish I could have snapped a pic!  Just imagine.  🙂

These adorable Pre K and Kindergarten students were working with joyful attitudes.  We could learn soooo much from them.

2 thoughts on “window washing.

  1. My devotional this morning was talking about the same thing – living with joy! When the kids were all little I had a drawing taped on the wall of the laundry room . It was a haggard looking mom with an apron on, a duster in one hand, food on the stove, stacks of laundry, and kids hanging on her legs. The caption read, “Nothing without joy.” It was a good reminder it’s all about attitude and that EVERYTHING that we do in our busy day can be done in a spirit of joy, thanksgiving, and worship.

    Thanks for the reminder, Sara. I choose JOY!

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