creative journaling.

I have been writing in journals since I was an emotional teenager needing an outlet for my thoughts.  The journals have varied over the years, from random ramblings to written prayers to lists of items for which I am grateful for.  Since the beginning of this blog, I vent more publicly.  🙂 Thanks for reading these crazy thoughts!

So…here are two new books I am anxious to begin filling….take a look!

The Little Black Travel Journal is filled with tips and lists handy for traveling, as well as a place to record all of the details of my adventures!  (Including details/logistics of the vacations, favorite moments and places to eat.)  I am already dreaming about my next destination.  Really hoping for a “sister trip” this year! (Do you hear that Sis?)

And I am aching to begin writing in the Q & A a Day: 5-Year Journal!  There are questions for each day of the year and a place to record five year’s worth of responses!  How cool is that?  I already know my response for today’s question and cannot wait to see what I think a year from now!  I can see it as a place to watch growth…and to see answers to prayers. I think it will bring some giggles and some deep reflection.  BOTH are things I love!

Just a peek at a couple of the sweet treasures I have already received during “birthday week!” 🙂

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