calling all commenters!

Hey Readers! I am encouraging you to try and add a comment to this post. Many of you are new blog readers…just following along with my silly rants and reflections because you are my friends. So I am giving you an opportunity to express yourself this time! Many of you comment to me face to face when we meet up, a few of you leave a reply on Facebook, and some of you have even texted me your comments on my cell (ie Natasha…moisturizing late one night!)

So here is your chance to practice “commenting” right here in response to what at you read. Perhaps you agree with what I may share or maybe you are outraged that I dared express my thoughts on a topic…if so, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the entry and select…

It will lead you to a box like this…

 …where you can let me know what you are thinking….

and then simply hit…

It will make my day!!!!!

So…for practice, here is what I am wondering….

Tonight is a quiet, home-alone kind of night for me (rare since my sweet boy is typically home when I am home.) But I am thrilled to have a night like this occasionally!  In fact, I become so excited I almost do not know what to do first.  So tonight, I put my jammies and my big robe on right after dinner!  Seriously, can you believe it?  There was still daylight streaming through the windows at that time and I did not care.  🙂 I read through my favorite blogs on my google reader…ate a big cream cheese frosted banana bar with a glass of milk…pinned a few items to my pinterest boards…laid out my clothes for tomorrow…flipped through a People magazine…listened to random music on itunes…glanced at the target ads from yesterday’s paper…sent a couple of texts to my husband…packed my lunch…and am now typing this silly request to all of you! I think I may go see what is recorded on my dvr next…

So….what do you like to do on a free night…even if those are few and far between when you have sweet children in the house?

Take a risk…leave a comment!  Be brave!  I will love ya for it!

23 thoughts on “calling all commenters!

  1. Wow! You’ve done a LOT since we saw you at Ray-J’s! I’m a faithful reader, but not so faithful commenter. Tonight, my hubby is also gone, kids are practicing instruments and I’m messing around on Facebook–did the Traveler Challenge and Food Challenge Lists, added a cover photo, etc. Once they’re done, we’re going to play a game. This is about as alone as it gets here at night. As soon as they go to bed, I plan on READING!! Here they are…it’s game time!!

  2. I love reading your updates at Cedarville in Ohio. They always make me smile and miss small group. On a free night…well…I love to curl up in my bed in my dorm and do some devos, watch a show, or read a book. I’m looking forward to summer though when free nights for me mean picking raspberries in the garden or playing piano. You are such an encouragement to me! Miss you!

  3. I enjoy an occasional “home alone” evening. First thing on the list is to change into “loungewear.” Next make a hot cup of tea. Finally, curl up on the couch with the laptop and TV remote. Enjoy your evening Sara!

  4. Alone? Not sure what I’d do if I was alone. Hasn’t happened in a VERY long time! I was just thinking I haven’t blogged in over a month and here you are…what 3 in just a couple days? Can you tell I’m jealous :). My goal is to blog a bit more, relax a bit more…AND get some alone time with my hubby. Hasn’t happened for a bit. Right now, I’m in bed with 2 dogs, the hubby and the daughter watching Dancing with the stars…not too bad either 🙂

  5. I LOVE stay-home alone nights. Rommel’s current job takes him out-of-town a bit more often. So when he’s gone, here’s my routine: I usually hit a happy hour with a girlfriend and celebrate NOT having to cook dinner that night. Then, when I get home I race to my room for my jammies. I tidy up the house a bit so it’s neat for when I get up the next morning (I love coming downstairs to a clean kitchen and tidy countertops!). Then I go back upstairs with a PILE of things…my bible, my two bible studies, my latest “Prevention” magazine, my devotional, my iPad, my iPhone and my Kindle. The whole pile gets neatly placed on Rommel’s side of the bed (since he’s not coming home) and I go back and forth between books and electronic devices, reading, checking facebook, pinning, studying, more facebook, texting (with the tv on, of course) until I fall asleep. I love waking up the next morning with all my favorite things still waiting beside me in case I want to stay in bed a little longer and pick up where I left off!! It’s a Good Thing!

  6. I am impressed by all that you have done on your night home alone…many times I just get glued to the couch to watch my favorite shows without dealing with my channel hopping husband 🙂 ; and then get up occasionally to refresh my beverage or look for a tasty snack. My only real “alone time” these past few months are between 10pm and midnight. I usually can not wait for the husband to take baby Ian to bed…during that hour or two I clean up my kitchen, wash bottles, tidy up the family room, maybe fold clothes or throw some in the wash, and catch up on my soap operas. I love the quietness and feeling of being alone (even though the boys are asleep upstairs). I get the most done during these hours.

  7. Hi, Sara. I can go one of two ways. Sometimes when I’m alone I get an enormous energy burst. I have totally redecorated a room – painting and window coverings in a day or two. Other times ir’s a good book and a warm bubble bath.

    • That is so true for me too! I have been known to completely clean closets or wash floors on those rare nights alone…kinda forgot about that. Good to find the balance…between the projects and the bubble baths!

  8. well that is easy! I relish alone time in my home. Usually if it is an evening, I will make something special for dinner that no one else will eat. I will pour myself a glass of wine and watch one of my shows that I have recorded. And when the food is perfectly hot and the wine is ready to sip and the show is just going to start…all is good! (It’s all about the timing and no one interupting me!)

  9. With a pilot husband, you know I spend many nights home alone… At the top of my list when I’m home alone is to take a walk through the neighborhood, grab a bag of chips and a beer, and then watch some hockey:) If there’s no hockey on tv, then I love to pick up the phone and call a friend.. On a Saturday, my favorite alone activity is getting the house clean by early afternoon, so I can have the rest of the day for guilty pleasures…. I love reading your blogs…. but love chatting with you face to face even more!!!

  10. Just read this post and giggled out loud when you said you got so excited you almost didn’t know what to do 🙂 I relate to that…and cherish some quiet nights alone in the house. I also jump into jammies about 6:30- then, it depends on the night! Sometimes I’ll eat good takeout, maybe take a book into the tub, catch up on some shows or have a hockey or Twins game on in the background while I surf the net!

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