menu making.

Today has a bit of gray gloominess hanging over it…so it seems like the perfect time to put some great music on and bake and plan the menu for the week!

So…the banana bars are in the oven and the ingredients for cream cheese frosting are softening on the counter.  Yummm.

The week ahead is full of work and evening events, so I ought to have a plan for dinners or we will end up eating cereal and toast…


  • sunday-grilled chicken (fav marinade: honey, soy sauce, oil, minced garlic) with wild rice and a salad
  • monday-$5 burgers at ray j’s…have i mentioned how much i LOVE their patty melts and homemade chips?
  • tuesday-grilled rosemary pork chops and broccoli slaw
  • wednesday-chicken quesadillas and southwest chop salad (hoping to try a new recipe!)
  • thursday-amy’s kabobs and veggies
  • friday-date night
  • saturday-pizza with the extended family

And here is a peek at my new itunes mix that I am currently enjoying…

2 thoughts on “menu making.

  1. I am going to throw you off a little. I was going to comment on this post when I saw it, but apparently I got distracted. I love having our family menu planned and written down. I haven’t done it for a while and I need to get back to doing it. There is usually a plan in my head, but I should put it on paper. BBQ Pork roast in the crock pot tonight for supper since I have golf and Lori has conferences. Easy and everyone loves it!

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