savoring the day.

It is hard to understand the sadness of crazy events. A young man, full of promise died in a random accident on a local highway this week…

From the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, “Medard Prosper lost both of his parents during the civil war in his native Democratic Republic of Congo, and three of his siblings died of malnutrition and disease. Prosper, 19, escaped the atrocities but planned to return there one day to help children like him, orphaned by war. First, he was going to earn a diploma from St. Paul Highland Park High School in June and then planned to earn a college degree. Thursday about 5:30 p.m. the vehicle Prosper was driving east over the Minnesota River on the Mendota Bridge blew a tire. As he tried to get out of the moving car, his foot got caught and the vehicle ran over him, the State Patrol said.  Prosper was 14 when his parents were killed in Africa. He and his brothers and sisters trekked 500 miles to a refugee camp in Tanzania, but two of his six siblings died of malnutrition along the way. Another died soon after in the camp. The United Nations Refugee Agency arranged for him and his two older brothers to immigrate to the United States. They moved to Minnesota last year.”

pic from Mpls Star and Trib

So, how do we make sense of this? Pain…true pain occurs every day…countless times in a day.

And yet, I find myself encountering whiners of another kind…those that complain about silly, pointless issues. Those that are simply unhappy with their circumstances…or the little annoyances of the day.  And I find MYSELF whining about the mundane…crappy things that irritate me.  And I feel so ashamed!  How dare I complain? The things that seem so important…and so irritating to me are NOTHING in comparison to so many others.

This poor kid had lost it all…his family, him home, his country…and yet he was positive, filled with hope and plans to make a difference.  And now he has lost his life in a really unfortunate accident.

Help me to keep perspective of the things that REALLY matter…and not to complain….but to live a life of optimism and one of giving back.

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