oh the simple joys of life.

oh friday night, how i love you.

the work week is over…finally.

i am savoring the simple things~

…the three sweet college girls that are here in our home,

…uno and practicing the english language with our refugee friends,

…frozen yogurt and toppings at cherry berry,

…food network on tv, as i surf my fav blogs.  🙂

life is good.  god is good.  and I am blessed.  happy weekend my friends.














inspired and entertained by these gals lately…

shauna made me think about reading something by anne lamott again

following sara’s exciting news about creative souls in the st. paul area with the opening of art house north

giggling over tara’s awkward moment

thinking about amy as she is eating her way through chicago this weekend…wonder where she is tonight?

drooling over brenda’s fudgy mini brownie fruit pies with almond cream cheese frosting


One thought on “oh the simple joys of life.

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