blast from the past.

Have you ever had someone approach you with that surprised, excited look of recognition….and you simply drew a blank?  Followed by a really long awkward silence, as your mind races through faces in your mind, hoping, pleading silently to register a name?  Yeah, well that happened to me not too long ago.

I had gone with my pal to a free yoga class on a whim, and as I stood outside of the class, holding my little mat, this adorable young blond says, “Sara!”  And there I stood.  When I finally admitted that I could not recall a name…she states, “I was your flower girl!”

Oh my.  Humiliation…and old age…and such a fun thrill to see that sweet little six year old – all grown up.

A warm embrace…and an apology…and a shocked look upon my face.  We did the 5 minute catch up…exchanged cell phone numbers and promised to connect.  And then we went in to the yoga class, with all of it’s quietness and deep breathing.

But this week…we did connect!  And I brought my better half along as well, to share in the conversation with this young woman who is living here in Minneapolis…working as a nurse and a yoga instructor…who is confident and articulate and just as darling as she was as an adorable young girl, in a wedding sooo many years ago.

So thrilled to be reunited with this flower girl and sweet second cousin of mine.


One thought on “blast from the past.

  1. So fun to read this, Sara. We have been able to meet up here in Chandler a couple times. She was visiting here with her boyfriend. His parents lived here but have since moved back to MN. She’s a doll and so full of life and very happy to be a nurse.


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