a day of rest?

I long for a day of rest.  I savor my time of relaxation and recovery on the weekends.  I see the value in taking time to be still and to rest and reflect.  As someone who works 40+ hours a week, I truly desire at least a few hours on the weekend to pull myself back together and recharge and focus on the things of life that really matter.

And yet, there was just a few rare moments of breathing room this weekend…

  • date night- dinner, movie and hanging out with some friends
  • bible study with some sweet souls over a cup of coffee (or two)
  • lunch and a hockey game with my husband
  • new sneakers at kohls and the grocery shopping at super target
  • church and lunch and time with our refugee familes
  • afternoon matinee with some girlfriends
  • potluck, youth volunteer meeting and youth group

And tomorrow morning I am back at it at 6 am…for another full week ahead.

It seems to be that God had the right idea when he commanded us to rest…and yet life and choices arise all of the time.  Unless we are intentional, it is really difficult to find rest. I had a GREAT weekend…with a lot of fun…with some of my favorite people….and yet, here I am on a Sunday night, longing for rest.

So I will persevere through the week….and take 2 days of rest next weekend!  Saturday for this week and Sunday for next.  Hope you all had better luck resting this week than I did.  🙂

However, the joy in sharing in Bob’s ministry passion this week brought me a bit of joy that made my early alarm this morning worthwhile…take a look at their sweet faces…


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