feeling reflective.

I shared in the sorrow of a life today…one of my dearest childhood friends honored her 46 year old sister that had lost the battle with cancer. The heavy emotions of the day and the sadness in a life cut short caused me to reflect on my own. The husband left behind with two teenage girls, the sister left without a sister, the mother claiming that this is not the way life was intended to be…it was all so incredibly sad.

And yet, I left inspired to live my best life…to embrace the ones I love…to savor the blessings around me. I hopped in my car and drove to see my own sis, recovering from surgery in a hospital room this evening.  I called my own husband and daughter and father and friends as I drove…sharing stories and life with them and telling them I love them. I hugged my mother and brother-in-law and nieces and nephews, and listened to tales from their day.  I sat in that hospital room and talked and listened and talked some more to my sweet sis. I sang along with the radio in my car. I drank a coca cola at 10:30 pm and vowed to start running tomorrow. I reflected on my work and how it ought to fit in my life, rather than control it. I thought about the teenage girls that trust me enough to share their struggles. I considered love…and loving the people I encounter.

I pondered the amazing gift of heaven. And I intend…to do my best, to live my best life.

4 thoughts on “feeling reflective.

  1. Oh Sara – thank you for the reminder of what is truly important in life – the relationships and love we can share! I want to live my best life! By the way, your visit today meant the world to your sis- her exact words were “it was such a beautiful surprise to see her!”

  2. Beautiful thoughts and great reminder for us all. I’ve been feeling very reflective myself these days but you you express those thoughts so eloquently! Thanks for sharing!

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