My life is full…of work…of responsibility…of giving back. I am blessed by it all. And yet, I need moments to pull it all together…moments to relax and reflect and rejuvenate. I left a little bit of reality behind last weekend when I unplugged from technology and spent Friday til Monday living life with teenagers on a retreat up north. We bonded over dining hall food, cc skiing, snowshoeing in the dark, and deep conversations. The time with this amazing group of teens helped me see the value in the important things of life.

And when I returned, I found the time to cuddle with my sweet boy…and to chat on the phone with the ones I love…and I even took a day off of work to just savor my life.

Days of rejuvenation are sooooo necessary. What does that day look like for you?

I slept in…drank a cup of coffee and savored a little quiet time…did a little stretching…went for a massage…stopped for lunch (a Thai chicken wrap)…read excerpts from my fav blogs…baked choc chip cookies and homemade pizza…played words with friends on the couch with bob…watched dvr’ed episodes of parenthood…took a hot bubble bath…and went to bed earlier than usual.

Grant yourself time to rejuvenate.

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