enjoying the ride.

Just last weekend I had the opportunity to ride a tram to the top of Sandia Peak, the 10,000 foot crest of the Sandia Mountains outside of Albuquerque with two great pals…Melinda and Gina.


It was a beautiful winter day, but I hadn’t come prepared, so Gina shared her son’s coat with me and I purchased a stocking cap in the gift shop.  We rode along, chatting, and appreciating the lovely view along the way.  There were occasional bumps as we crossed towers on the ride, but we held on until we were back to smooth sailing.  And then we reached the top…to a breathtaking snowy view from above.


That little tram ride is a bit like life.


As I coast along the trail of this journey, I hope that I am taking time to enjoy the view.


I hope that I am traveling along with the people that I love (they are the ones to take care of me when I may not be prepared and they are the ones to share adventures with.)


If a bump comes along, I hope that I have something strong to hold on to.


And when I get to the end of the journey, I just know that the view will be amazing…a beautiful heavenly view.


So, as I savor the ride of this journey of life, I am thankful for my sweet family and friends for being my travel companions…I am thankful for the beauty that I see along the way…and I am thankful for the faith I have that holds me up when things may get tough and gives me hope for that final perfect view.


Enjoy the ride my friends!

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