planes, trains and automobiles.

Melinda  traveled from near Chicago by car, train and plane…I flew from Minneapolis to Chicago to Dallas to our final destination…Gina drove nearly three hours from Capitan…and here we are in Albuqueque! Three college tracksters reunited!

The adventure of flying stand by felt a little like an Amazing Race challenge as I watched my name move from 5th to 3rd on the 6 am flight…and then again all the way to the top of the list on the 9:55 flight…I heard the final boarding call many times before “Passenger Lein” was eventually called! Joining Melinda in the windy city offered an extra bonus. We sat in the back of the plane on the leg to Dallas and then savored the luxury of first class for the final jaunt into New Mexico.

Oh the things we do to be with friends…and it so worth it! To share stories from our past and dream about our future…telling tales about our families…commiserating about being 40+ and the need for fitness and healthy foods…and then enjoying great food and drinks together!

It is so important to have people in your life that really understand you…and love you anyway! 🙂

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