menu making.

Sunday afternoon and it is time once again to think about the meals ahead for the week.  It is one of those jobs like filling and emptying the dishwasher that just never ends!  🙂  And when I do skip the menu planning and the intentional grocery shopping, I eat so terribly! So here we go!

I am hoping to sneak away Friday for a 3 day weekend…destination is still up in the air…so my menu takes us just a few days short of a week.


  • sunday-mostaccioli, caesar salad, garlic bread & choc-choc bundt – dessert!   (10 college kiddos to feed!)
  • monday-$5 burgers and homemade chips at our fav spot in town
  • tuesday-citrus chicken and rice, green beans
  • wednesday-shrimp and squash penne
  • thursday-taco salad
  • friday-saturday- destination unknown…hoping for either some really great New Mexican southwest delights or North Shore home-cooked goodness!

On a side note, making lunches is another debacle in the weekly plan, so I have moved to bringing soup, chobani yogurt and fresh fruit each day…I get my soup for the week here!

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