Giving and receiving gifts.  Truly the best gift is simply TIME spent together.  I gathered with some girlfriends this week to celebrate a birthday.  Just being together and sharing our lives with each other is a gift.  Savoring the Cravings margherita flatbread and the grilled pita spread trio with a glass of wine…ahhhh.

Another gift of time that I treasure is the “cooking a birthday dinner tradition” with my fact, I am hoping that she will drive down here and let me cook on MY birthday!  🙂

And yet, there are times when I just LOVE to find the perfect little gift to share with the ones I love…so here are some of the favs that I have received or that I envied when they were given. Click on the images if you want to do your own dreaming OR gifting!


smartwool boot socks

felted wool cuff

hoop earrings

fairtrade jewelry roll


appetizer plates


a killer brownie



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