permission to do the impractical.

I was recharged yesterday at a full day conference for those of us working/volunteering in ministry. It empowered me to continue pouring into the lives of the people I encounter…to listen and remember…to be willing to be brave and speak truth. The team of adults that I am blessed to partner with vary from young college students, parents of youngsters, and another empty nester. We each bring something unique to the group.

One of the greatest nuggets I took away from my new learning yesterday is to take permission to do the impractical. It seems that society pushes TOO HARD towards productivity…success…accomplishment of tasks. A preacher-psychologist granted permission, and even encouraged us to take time to do the impractical during his session on “soul care.”  He challenged us to think about the things that give us life and recharge us and then do them.  Snowboarding (his idea, not mine!) watching movies, cooking, taking photos, reading for fun…

So today, as I rest and recharge for the busy week ahead, I will read some fav blogs, I may pin some pics to my pinterest board (see images below) I plan to flip through a few cookbooks and maybe even take a nap!

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