ipad apps.

I struggled with my decision to go with a kindle…and when I did, I loved it.

I had not really even considered an ipad…so when my husband found one on craigslist.com for a great price, it came as a total surprise.  In fact, I did not really even know what could be done on an ipad.  But I am beginning to discover the crazy world of apps.  (Feel free to click on any of the app pics below to link to their site.)


And oh…the fun I am having.  Late nights of pinning items to my boards (dreaming of good food, places to go, and styles to wear…) Finding a place to save those recipes is such a cool thing!  My little sis and I used to make collages from magazines and catalogs when we were young…and now I can do that on-line! Crazy!

Google Reader and Flip Board

What fun ways to read the news and updates from all of my fav bloggers!



This brings my books to me in a colorful library…and when I read at night, I do not need a light on!  So my hubby can sleep, and I can read…it has taken us over 20 years of marriage to find a solution for my need to read in bed at night.


Such a fine way to find recipes…check out epicurious on-line too!

Words With Friends

Another great social connecter and thinker app is Words With Friends.  Scrabble, Take Two, Bananagrams are fav games of mine, and now I can play on-line, over the course of days, with friends down the street and cousins across the country.  So fun!

My Fitness Pal

The one I am using now, as I prepare for the new year, was shared by my fitness/foodie friend from My Dream Cafe.  It is helping me stay focused on my healthy habits!

Share your favorite apps with me!!! Simply add a comment below.

One thought on “ipad apps.

  1. I love all your apps! Check out ABC Player (I’m currently catching up on all the “Once Upon a Time” episodes), Xfinity (you can schedule a program to record on your Comcast DVR from grandma’s house), GloBible…awesome bible app with tons of extra info and features. I too, LOVE my iPad AND Kindle!!

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