one on ones.

In the midst of a very blessed Christmas season, filled with parties and family gatherings, I am reminded once again how much I love one on one time with the people that I love.  Do not get me wrong…I love the parties and full family gatherings-craziness and laughter and memories being made.  But the intimate, real conversations that occur when “one on one” are truly my fav.


I was blessed with a full day with my college girlie, beginning with early morning cuddles in my bed, followed by a little “day after Christmas” sale shopping, a shared lunch,  and wrapped up with pedicures (where we both read our own books and did not say a word to each other.)

For several hours, we were on our own….together.  Sharing random bits of life moments that had occurred, pondering future plans, pouring out frustrations and worries and aspirations, and being completely content to sit side by side reading in silence.  It was a very perfect day.


I love being part of a big group, and having the opportunity to sneak off for a little one on one time.  There were many moments like that during our family gathering this week.  My sis and I shared some time as we washed dishes together, and she had a little heart to heart with her niece (my girlie) late one night when everyone else was playing games. My oldest nephew and I bonded over a little electronic solitaire and my dad seemed to find time with each of his grandkids, to play or joke or ask them about their busy lives.

One on ones are essential to truly knowing the deep spaces of the ones we love.  I will be intentional to make time for coffee dates and walks around the lake…for lazy weekend getaways and late night hot tubbing adventures. I long to spend a little time like that with all of my fav people in 2012!

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