trying to find gate 25

A couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to stay focused on the present and to simply look for gate 25.

Well, upon my return to the US…and the return to the reality of my life, I fear that I am simply trying to FIND gate 25!  The pace of life, the demands of my job, the expectations that I have placed on myself were just a little TOO much this week.  I typically respond to emails in a timely manner…check off tasks from my to do list…accomplish projects and still have time to read and communicate with others in the world.

This week…that has not happened. Lunches are not getting made.  Emails have piled up like old junk mail…as they wait to be opened. Voicemails have not been replied to. There were no trips to the gym.  The Christmas gifts have not been purchased…and there are no baked goods. I missed a fun night with the girls, because I was double booked. I have reading to do for work…that I have carried around in my bag for the past several days!

When I shared my thoughts with my daughter, who is writing papers and studying for finals…she indicated that in her race of life, she has no view of gate 25 either…in fact, she indicated that the airport shuttle has not even shown up! 🙂

The pressure of things to do…the demands and expectations of being a responsible adult are sometimes just too much.

My “to do” list will have to wait for now…I am going to sit by the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree…and read something fun-NOT something for work…and listen to a little Norah Jones. And I will continue to live now….in the moment…loving the people in my life…and trusting that the things that really matter will get done.  And the rest can just wait.

Check out a little Norah by clicking on her living room below…then go to on the tv for her videos…ahhh

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