partners in education.

Many of you know that Haiti has become a special love for me. My sister’s two sons from Port au Prince sparked an interest years ago, and I just never really knew how to give back to a nation that continues to need support.  This past summer, my daughter Breelynn and I spent a month living in the orphanage where the boys had been raised.  We simply lived life among the people of Haiti and ended up teaching an English class to 35+ Creole and French speaking children.  Upon our return to the US, we became involved with a group of other interested individuals that were already working to support the orphanage and the school program in their site.  One thing led to another and I have joined in the development of a nonprofit called Partners In Education.  I recently returned to Haiti to further this endeavor, interviewing students in the primary classes, observing/supporting the adult English Institute and working alongside the Orphanage Director and the Program Directors to plan  teacher training and further develop the educational system in Haiti.  Our first initiative is to fully fund the current programming, and then to expand into additional schools.

Schooling in Haiti is vital to the growth and development of a nation.  Currently, all schools are private and many children do not have the opportunity to attend school without the support of donors.

Check us out here!

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