partners along the way.

As Bree and I embarked on our first adventure to Haiti six months ago, we had open minds and willing hearts to simply go and learn and see where God would lead us.

As a teacher and a mother, the natural fit for me is in education…to teach and lead in order to offer students more opportunities to reach their dreams…whether teaching children or adults or teachers…to learn how to think creatively and logically is a passion of mine. So, we begin this next step of our journey in Haiti with the development of Partners In Education. We are starting with this one orphanage, two primary classes, three adult English classes, a feeding program…and a partridge in a pear tree. JK about the bird. It is the beginning of a beautiful thing.

And along the journey I continue to meet such amazing partners who desire to love and serve in Haiti. My sister (who initiated this love for Haiti in my heart) introduced me to Shelley at The Apparent Project...simple blog hopping led me to Tara and Heather and Beth at Heartline…a gentleman sat behind me in church at Port au Prince Fellowship this week who works with Worldwide Village (whose office is located within the area I work in St. Paul)…another friend led me to Karen who coordinates and leads trips for Healing Haiti (who just happened to be seated across the aisle from me on the return flight from Miami last night!) Coincidence? I think not. God has his hands in this plan and I just need to follow.

So I return to the life I lead. And keep my eyes open and my heart willing for the next step. Stay tuned! And thanks for following my ramblings along the way.

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