final day.

As I prepare to leave later today, I am sitting here drinking strong Haitian coffee, eating a fresh orange from the market and listening to the two primary classes in action.  There are so many very wonderful things about Haiti that many do not see when they are blinded by the media’s portrayal of a nation filled with poverty, corruption and other social injustices.

When I am here, I see so much beauty. The people that I have met and encountered on the street are loving, warm and open.  Seriously…when you fill a tap tap, you are practically sitting on someone’s lap and they accepted me as a long legged American with smiles and encouragement to scooch closer.  The greeting among friends and family is often a kiss on the cheek…I received and gave many kisses this week.  There is nothing sweeter that a little school girl in her uniform greeting me with a “Bonjour Madame Sara” and a kiss on the cheek.  The adults that attend the English Institute here in the evenings were thrilled to have an American to practice English with…they were interested in my life and asked many questions.  In fact, our neighbors (who are English students), Gustave and Carmine, invited Everest and me over to their home yesterday to enjoy coconuts! I shared a room with the nanny/nurse Miss Naomi this week…and she is wonderful…with a lovely full laugh and a heart of gold.

Ohhhh, and the boys in the orphanage are so incredibly full of warmth and love…which seems a little hard to believe given their circumstances.  They run to the gate whenever I return and greet me with hugs and questions that I do not understand!  🙂 They are polite and kind and so, so sweet. I will miss them dearly.

I look forward to my next trip here to reconnect with these dear friends.


4 thoughts on “final day.

  1. I am brought to tears remembering all of those same things that brought me such joy and that I saw such beauty in when we were there last…there is something about that place that you just can’t understand until you are there living life with them. Seriously, there are no greater people with more love and gratitude than our dear Haitian friends. I could not be more anxious to get back and reconnect with all of them!

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