a new orphan.

This little dude joined the crew this week.

His waiting mom and uncle from Illinois arrived to transport him to this orphanage from a different site near Cap Haitien…as they wait for completed paperwork to bring him home.  They spent four days with him and then had to leave him today to return to the US to wait…

It made me think of the sadness my sister and her fam felt years ago when they left their little dude here…and waited. Crazy sad.

Here is just a little glimpse at his story…he was taken by helicopter following the earthquake.  He had head and eye injuries and a lesion on his spine.  Aircraft paramedics shared that he had been found in the rubble of the earthquake; his birth mother had died when he was born and his step mother died in the earthquake.  He was treated for active tuberculosis, and the abscess on his spine required surgical intervention and was drained twice. He grew stronger every day with the support of the nutritious food and vitamins, as well as the use of a back brace for a full year, as monitored by an orthopedic team.  Since no family visited him during his 12 month hospital stay, he was declared an abandoned child.

And he is here now…playing with the boys, going to school and falling asleep in my lap.

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