tap taps, motos and happy boys

So much to share today…so much I have already seen and experienced.  But I will stick to the main adventure of the day.

I traveled through the city on both a tap tap…and a motorcycle!

Shopping at the sewing center for Heartline Minisitries was our destination…they are an AMAZING organization in the city that works to provide the women and children in this community with a safe place to learn about Jesus and to adopt life-skills.  Today I was able to experience the creative skills of the seamstresses in their Haitian Creations shop…and savor a little parfe chokola from their cooking school.

Rock was with a parent on a journey to CapHaïtien to meet a new little boy waiting for adoption and needing an orphanage until the paperwork is compete…so Everest and I adventured out on our own…via public transportation…

And when we returned home…Miss Naomi and I sorted out the treasures sent by the Puckett family and my friends into Christmas packages to be shared with the boys on the holiday…and packages for today.  It was a good day.  🙂

One thought on “tap taps, motos and happy boys

  1. Ooohhh! So excited! Hope they like their presents and the photos we sent! I am sure that the football pictures of their big brothers Dalton and Woody will be interesting, as they don’t play in Haiti… Extra hugs and health, Sara.

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